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In cases of lifelong, severe permanent damage, exceptionally, a pain bonus can be considered, eg: severe brain damage, Paraplegic, blindness Deafness, heaviest head injuries. The victim suffers in these cases a lifetime under the consequences of the injury and is confronted again and again with the consequences of injury. The injured person should be enabled by the pension to mitigate the consequences of injury. Smart money advance If it is foreseeable that the settlement of the damage will be prolonged, the injured party can immediately assert a financial penalty advance, which must also be paid immediately. If the opposing insurer refuses to pay, the advance payment for damages may be charged. Assertion by persons other than the injured party Claims for product liability compensation are transferable, heritable, distrainable can therefore also be asserted by third parties against the injurer or his liability insurance. Claimants can thus assign claims for pain and suffering claims to third parties, who then become the holder of the claim. If a victim dies, his heirs can continue claiming the claim. The claim for damages of the injured party can also be seized by one of its creditors.

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