Product liability

What is product liability?

Product liability is simply taking the manufacturer of a certain product into account in case of his or her products causing harm to the user or customer. In this case, the product might be unsafe for some reasons and might cause great injury or damage to the user. If this happens, the manufacturer is held to account for the same. Some of the product defects that may cause the same harm may include manufacturing errors, design defects and marketing defects among others.

Who are the responsible parties?

Of course, in normal business, if you are purchasing goods from a manufacturer of a seller, normally, there is an agreement that binds the two parties in case of any damage, loss or harm that the product may cause. In this case, some of the parties that are responsible for the product defect include the manufacturer, the assembling industry, the wholesaler and the retail store among other parties.

Who can properly defend your product liablity case?

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